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Here’s a big hearty welcome to my online home – a space to learn a little more about my contributions to the world as a Joy Coach, Joy Catalyst and Performing Heartist.

I appreciate you taking the time to read a bit more about me and my stand in co-creating a peace-loving, joyous, unified world.  To optimise your time, I’ve summarised my works and linked you to greater details of what you can find here.

In a nutshell: Nicola is a Zimbabwean born, Southern African – YAY Saying, SOULution orientated actress, voice artist, catalyst of joy, poet, author, joy coach, facilitator, MC and social entrepreneur.

So it’s just easier to say – she’s a multi-talented story-teller and performing HEARTist.


Great bliss is found when we share joy with another

Performing Heartist

Nicola has taken her acting to great levels and become a popular MC & keynote speaker of choice for conferences and corporations and she travels internationally enthusing joyous delight with her keynote talks, #popuptheatre, her spoken-word UV show #looneyVerse and her other one woman show and book #MAfrika

Joy Catalyst

Nicola is also a joy coach and joy catalyst – as the founder of The Joy Movement (www.thejoymovement.org) a successful South African rooted charity inspiring humanKIND to practice being both human and KIND, they’ve trained up hundreds of volunteers – who share love and joy in homes and hospitals – bringing emotional care to those that need it most. This focus on joy – gave Nicola the awesome opportunity of being a TedX Cape Town speaker in 2014. She was also one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year in 2013 and in 2015 she became a global ambassador of kindness.

“I’ve been a performing heartist for most of my life, professionally on stage & screen for 24 years and I’ve dedicated my work to supporting humanKIND and individual healing for 15 years. I believe we are all part of one awesome miracle called life, and I celebrate being part of the SOULution. I giggle, enthuse joy and play with the loVe I have for ALL beings and all things. I’m actively co-creating our new world, where unity, loVe, peace and ease and grace is the norm for ALL! I see our future where we ALL thriving in the WIN WIN WIN. You win, I win, We win, the lions, waters – all beings – all things win – as we are ONE”



from those UPLIFTED by JOY Training and or MC-ing…

“Nicola’s approaches to cultivating internal peace and compassion is transformative. She is able to deeply connect with individuals to help re-connnect them with their own self, and helps guide each person to be the best they can be. If you’re looking to explore new possibilities in growing personally and professionally, Nicola’s methods will certainly help bring new meaning and positive perspective into your life.”– Yehuda Silverman, P.h.D.

“Nicola is phenomenally talented and the best MC in the world! Everyone needs to laugh more and she always knows exactly how to be a catalyst of genuine smiles and Laughter with EVERYONE she meets. Such compassion and peace power. Faith in Abundance! I believe in her talent and skill. One-on-one sessions with Nikki, or a massive hall/room/ festival of people…she engages, captivates, leads and inspires from the heart. The world is definitely her playground. I would love people everywhere to experience Soul Circus and MAfrika. Wise words, beautiful song, entertaining characters with a mission to heal our divides within and without.” Barbra Cowley Peace Publicist

“And being a champion clown herself, Nikki gave us a good giggle too, with a side-splitting 10 minute session” HEART, Cape Town

“With today’s fear and stress, Nikki’s talks are a breath of fresh air!  Her bubbly and joyful interaction guides everyone out of their heads and into Giggling Gaffaws…”
Synergy Seminars, Namibia

Nikki puts a lot of energy into her workshops and it germinated a seed in our minds that we should try and look on the bright side; A worthwhile workshop –I’ll definitely use Nikki’s services again.”Mark Jennings WCape, Pick ‘n Pay.

from Group Joy Coaching – Blooming Time

“Exceptional Course!! Exceptional facilitator!!Can’t recommend it enough!! Life changing!! Do yourselves a favor and sign up for the next one !!!” Jenny Braun

“This is one of the most lovely courses I have been on. Nicola Jackman is a gem and a deep beautiful soul. If you feel that it’s time to let go of your fears and start blooming… on a deeper more soulful level then get yourself signed up!” Karen Dineo Chapman

“What I quickly discovered was that this course was not about what was wrong with me. It was all about discovering what was RIGHT about me. Unlike other self-help and self-exploration courses I had done (that analyzed my shortcomings so I could constructively know where to begin correcting) IT’S ABOUT BLOOMING TIME took the approach of showing me where I am already beautiful and blooming – and AMPLIFIED THAT. Above all tools and information shared, Nicola Jackman’s personal and sincere input and guidance was the center for our development and unfolding. Kind, direct, supportive and focussed, Nikki both allowed the group to naturally flow where they needed to and directed the current of our explorations.” Frances Freedom Flight

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